Important message from Hannah, founder of Good Deed Dating


To all our incredible supporters,

Thank you.  Thank you for all your cheerleading, encouragement and support.  We would never have got to where we are without everything you have each contributed to our story so far.  I wanted to write a personal note to you all explaining a bit more about where we are and our plans for the future.

Our aims

I founded GDD with the intention of meeting four aims.  Those were to support charities and spread their message to more people, do good deeds, get more people volunteering and finally, to spread love in London.  With your help, we have certainly achieved all of these, and SO much more, in our first year.

What have we achieved?

We now partner with around 50 charities and have nearly 500 members in London.  We’ve done countless good deeds from saving surplus marshmallows, packaging herbal tea and planting sun flowers to marshalling foam runs, real-life monopoly games and cuddling chinchillas.  The dating events we’ve run have truly been unique!  And then there are the incredible awards and recognition we’ve had – we have had a rollercoaster of a year.

The situation now

The big problem we’ve had, and I know lots of our amazing deeders have noticed, is that we are just not seeing the uptake in equal numbers from men and women (a problem which I know many dating events companies are familiar with).  This means that often, our events can’t go ahead, which is a real shame for our deeders, our charity partners and for us.  No one benefits when that happens.

Another significant issue we have battled over the past year, is the lack of revenue being generated by subscriptions and event fees.  From your feedback, we think this may be due to the pay barrier of setting up a subscription.

The long and short of it is that we can’t continue as we have been.  So we have decided to rethink our business model.

What does this mean?

Having asked our customers for their thoughts on the subject, it’s become clear that for a lot of you, making friends, doing a good deed and having fun is often more of a motivation for Good Deed Dating than the actual romantic aspect.

So we’ve listened to you and decided to make all our subscriptions free and turn our events into ‘singles events’ rather than ‘dates’ (the difference being that we will no longer guarantee equal numbers of male and female tickets).  I hope this means that all events will go ahead and more people will get involved as there’s no pay barrier.  Hooray!

The account side of our website will be removed on Monday 13th November at 5pm, so you will no longer need to log in to buy tickets.  Please do get in touch if anything is unclear or you have any questions about this.

By changing our business model and removing the subscription fee, it does however unfortunately become unsustainable for the GDD team to work full-time on the business as we have been.

This brings me to my final point…

How can you help?

As you will imagine, if GDD is to continue, we are going to need your help.  So, in return for us making our subscriptions free, we are asking our customers to donate their time and skills to help run GDD.

We want to make GDD a truly collaborative enterprise and this is your chance to help shape it.  Whatever skills or time you have there are ways that you can help.  It simply won’t happen without you.

We need help with social media, marketing, PR, events management, copy writing, administration and partnership development.  So, if you have skills, or you would like to learn some skills in those areas, please do let us know.  You can fill out a form here and we’ll be in touch.

This also provides us with the opportunity to expand.  So if you live outside of London and would like GDD to run events in your area, you can now make that happen!

GDD needs you!

On a personal level, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us so far.  We have all achieved a huge amount and I could not be prouder of everything Good Deed Dating stands for.  Let’s continue to change the face of dating and bring volunteering to as many people as we can.



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