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What is Good Deed Dating?

In a nutshell…

Good Deed Dating is a social enterprise which works with charities to run volunteering events for single people in London.

What are we trying to do?

We have four aims:

1. To do good deeds (…obviously)

2. To support our incredible charity partners (because they’re incredible)

3. To get more people volunteering (because, well there are just too many reasons…see our volunteering page)

4. To spread love in London (this one is about more than just romance: we all need to love our community and neighbours more)

Our Awards

We don’t like to brag but…

Innovation in Dating
UK Dating Awards 2016

Best Up and Coming Dating Site
International iDate Awards 2017

Female Start Up of the Year
Enterprise Nation Festival of Female Entrepreneurs

February 2017
Points of Light Award from Prime Minister Theresa May

June 2017
Finalist for five categories of the FSB London Awards

July 2017
Silver Award for best social enterprise/not for profit at the FSB London Awards


The Good Deed Dating Story

“According to our research, the two most important features in a potential partner are kindness and sense of humour.  You can’t tell that from someone’s profile picture, but spend 10 minutes building, gardening or cooking with them and you’ll know.  Technology is incredible these days but sometimes I think it stands in the way of us making real connections with people.

What I really hope Good Deed Dating does, is provide people with a new and inspiring way to date.  Where you get the chance to meet people in person that you may not have thought you’d like if you saw their photo on an app, but in real life they’re amazing.  In addition, Good Deed Dating gives you the opportunity to build things, learn skills, create change and meet people that you immediately have loads in common with.”

Hannah Whitehead, Founder and CEO of Good Deed Dating


The Difference We’re Making

Our overall goal is to spread love in London.

When we talk about “love” we mean more than just love in the romantic sense.  It’s all about love of communities, love of neighbours and love of the causes that our charity partners champion.

There are two ways that we try and achieve this: through our customers and through our partnerships.

Our theory of change explains our aspirations for the change we hope to make in the world.


Our first social impact overview explains more about the difference we are making.


The Team

Good Deed Dating


Founder and CEO

Growing up on a farm is a pretty great way to start life.  Hannah spent most of her childhood outside; hanging out with the pigs or helping her mum and dad with community events.  Following university in Bristol, Hannah went on to work for various charities in community engagement and volunteer management roles, building a stronger understanding of the power of volunteering at every turn.  All this experience sparked the idea of Good Deed Dating which launched in 2016.  Hannah set up Good Deed Dating because she wants to see more love, kindness and community-spirit in the world.  Well that, and it seemed the obvious way to achieve her life-long dream of appearing on Countryfile.


Community and Events Manager

Looking for a big believer in the power of volunteering? Look no further.  Over the years volunteering has seen Nathalie planting trees in South American rainforests, dressing as a postman at music festivals and milking goats on French farms.  Nathalie came to Good Deed Dating to help others share her love of volunteering.  Nat is the person to speak to if you have any questions about membership or our events.  She is our resident social butterfly; if there’s one person making the most of London it’s her.  Nat’s new mission in life?  To receive an invitation to a Good Deed Dating wedding.  Any day now…

Good Deed Dating


Marketing and Events Assistant (Summer Placement)

Lara is passionate about social media, travelling and getting to know people.  She loves everything related to communication and organising events.  She’s helping us out over the summer, volunteering three days a week.  Lara’s role at GDD is focused on boosting engagement through social media, helping out with creative ideas for the events and reaching out to new customers.  Lara says, “Good Deed Dating is such an interesting project where you can make good deeds while you date, is that not exciting?!  I truly want to make my time count while working at GDD and make the most of it.”

Good Deed Dating


Marketing and Charity Partnerships Assistant (Summer Placement)

Shona’s role at GDD involves boosting our social media following, helping create partnerships with new charities and increasing brand awareness digitally.  Shona gets excited about empowering people, and spends her time when she’s not studying at university teaching girls judo and debating world issues in Spanish. Shona was really enthused by the concept of Good Deed Dating, and with the ultimate dream of becoming a human rights barrister, Shona believes that you don’t necessarily need to shake the world to make an impact, sometimes a little change is all you need.  Shona hopes that GDD will be an enterprise to create such a change.

Work with us

We need your help! Good Deed Dating is now entirely volunteer run, and we’re always looking for more people to join the team.

Got a skill your want to perfect, or maybe want to learn something completely new?

However you want to get involved, whether it’s on a one off basis or more regularly, it’s super easy to join us.

Click the link below to fill in a super speedy form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP with the next steps.

Click Here to Join the Team!

Current vacancies

We are not hiring just at the moment.

Get in touch

Drop us a line!

Whether you have some feedback, an idea of a charity we could work with or you just want to find out more, please say hello, we’re a friendly bunch!

You can either get in touch directly using our contact details, or fill out the handy form on the right and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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